Healthy Heat StylingTips  for Short Relaxed  Hair

3 Healthy Heat Styling Tips


If you find yourself whipping out a curling iron to pull your hair together between salon visits you’re not alone.

Between work-outs, night sweats & scarf slips maintaining your hair at home may cause you to call in reinforcements from time to time. Now before you go all crazy with the heat styling, Check out my pro-tips below to help you protect your hair from heat damage.

  1. Only use irons that let you control the temperature. This is one of the safer ways to protect your strands. Start with a low setting then gauge whether or not the minimal heat is enough to get the job done. If not, slightly increase the temp. Never go full blast! The likeliness of you needing all that heat to polish your look is low. My go-to tool shorthair tool is the Pixie-Ish Micro Iron 
  2. Use a light heat-protectant to coat your strands before heat styling. Having a protective barrier of hydration on our lips to prevent cracking and dryness is something most women play no games about. Take that same approach when it comes to your hair. A lightweight heat protectant will help to add sheen when using heat. It will also serve as hydration and guard against heat damage. My go-to is Pixie-Polish a lightweight peppermint-based oil.
  3. Maintain your haircut! Keeping your look together is far more simple when your haircut is on point. As your hair grows out you’re likely to find yourself doing the most to tame it. The shape and texture of your cut should give you minimal heat or even heat-free styling options. If you’re considering growing your hair out for the winter. Be sure to talk it through with your stylist. This will allow them to come up with a plan to get you to your hair goals without stressing out your strands.

Heat styling is not something you want to do daily if you’re concerned with maintaining healthy hair. However, sometimes girls gotta do what girls gotta do. Add these heat styling pro-tips to your arsenal when it’s necessary to help you stay polished & pulled together.


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