How to choose the right hair color for you.

What's The Best Hair Color For You?

Considering Hair Color For Spring?

 Without boring you to death with color theory I’ll get to what you really want to know.

 Which Type of color should you opt for?

 This depends on your end goal. I’ll break down 3 levels of color services based on the results you can expect and how long they last.

 Rinses are a good option for you if you want to add some shine or temporary color to your hair. A rinse comes in clear and can give a polish or if you’re just wanting to add a little bit of layer of color to your hair. They stick to the top of your strand and are gradually going to rinse out. This isn’t the ideal choice if you want lasting gray coverage.

 Demi-permanent colors typically have a developer that helps deposit color onto the hair. It provides more coverage than a rinse and lasts longer. Demi colors are safe to do with relaxers.

Permanent colors are going to give you the ability to lighten your hair with the use of various degrees of developer. They last on the strand the longest and require re-touches as your hair grows out to match the color on the rest of your strand. Permanent colors are a long-term investment with your hair and the decision to do so shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Pro Tips:

  • It’s highly recommended that you visit a licensed stylist to perform any kind of chemical treatments including color services. Always let your stylist know if you have had any previous color on your hair, as it can affect the outcome of your service. 
  • Color treated hair can become dry. Use a lightweight moisturizer like the Pixie-ish Daily Moisture Creme to add hydration and avoid breakage 

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