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Pixie-Ish Beauty

She Stay Ready Kit

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This kit includes everything a short cut cutie needs to prep, mold ,style & maintain her cut at home. This Specially curated kit of Short Hair products & tools takes all the guesswork out of maintaining your look between salon visits. Say bye-bye to the beauty supply!  The She Stays Ready kit has you covered! 


    1. Pixieish Molding Mousse - The go-to product for molding your short hair. Choose from our light or firm hold formulas to achieve the best results for your maintenance needs.

    2. Pixie Polish Hair Oil-adds lightweight shine & heat protection

    3. Wrap Strips - aids in keeping hair in place for flawless drying

    4. Pixie-ish Micro Flat Iron -The best plug-in iron for styling short hair. This thin pencil flat iron has a mere 3/10 inch titanium plate making stying the shortest hair lengths easier. The Digital Temperature controls help to protect strands from experiencing heat damage while styling.  

    5.  Molding Comb

    6. Edge Wrap Scarf- A cooler sleep option that keeps your hair in place while you sleep & workout by covering your sides and back Perfect for flat hairstyles like waves & pin curls

    7. Pixie Pomade makes styling & maintaining your look a breeze! Use this medium-hold nourishing wax to, Protect your hair during heat styling, Tame flyaways with ease & Add texture & movement to your style                                                          

    8. Moisturizing Cream  Sick of dry hair? Our Newly Reformulated Moisturizing Cream is the answer!   Infused with Coconut oil, sunflower & carrot seed oils it provides nourishment that strengthen strands & delivers hydration without weighting down your hair.



    9. Major Moisturize Shampoo &  Conditioner- Gently cleanses without stripping. Next, the Major Moisture Conditioner takes it a step further by infusing moisture and treating your scalp to an  experience, preparing your hair for styling.