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Pixie-Ish Beauty

Pixie-Ish Molding Kit

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Say bye- bye to bad hair days! Use the Pixie-ish Molding Kit  to pull it together after shampoos, workouts, or scarf slip.

 It includes 

  1. Pixieish Molding Mousse - The go-to product for molding your short hair. Choose from our light or firm hold formulas to achieve the best results for your maintenance needs.

  2. Pixie Polish Hair Oil-adds lightweight shine & heat protection

  3. Wrap Strips - aids in keeping hair in place for flawless drying

  4. Molding  Comb - controls both the products and your strands resulting in easier flatter molds 

  5. Edge Wrap Scarf- A cooler sleep option keeps your hair in place while you sleep & workout by covering your sides and back Perfect for hairstyles like waves & pincurls